Information for Parents

Learning Circuits will cover what your children need to learn about the fundamentals of Electricity and Circuits. It takes the form of a free, digital learning environment which covers:
  • Sources of Electricity
  • Dangers of electricity
  • Circuits and Conductors
  • Changing Circuits
  • Circuit Diagrams
All of the content has been taken from units 4F; Circuits and Conductors and 6G; Changing Circuits of the UK National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 Physics. Learning Circuits is designed for 8-10 year olds but can be used by children younger or older, those who watch to catch up and parents of children who want to learn.

Learning Circuits is an interactive study tool which gives the user a chance to learn the material and then have an area in which they then put what they have learnt into practice. It is full of useful, easy to understand information as well as lots of interactive exercises.
It was designed to work on most devices, from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Teacher button!

There is a 'teacher button' in purple when you load Learning Circuits - you can use this to skip to the sections that matter the most. For example, a classroom activity on just one part. Here's an overview of what it will show/cover:

1 - Electricity Basics

  • 1.1 Source of power - mains
  • 1.2 Source of power - batteries
  • 1.3 Interactive list the power source - drag and drop activity
  • 1.4 Electricity is dangerous 1 - wanrnings and hazards
  • 1.5 Electricity is dangerous 2 - more warnings and hazards

2 - Simple Circuits

  • 2.1 What makes a basic circuit?
  • 2.2 Gaps in circuits
  • 2.3 Complete circuits
  • 2.4 Short circuits
  • 2.5 Three parts to all basic circuits
  • 2.6 Wire
  • 2.7 Batteries
  • 2.8 Components
  • 2.9 Quiz - Will the circuit work? (4 multiple choice questions - not graded)

3 - Circuit Basics

  • 3.1 Overview of components and symbols
  • 3.2 Guess what the symbol is
  • 3.3 Simple circuit with symbols
  • 3.4 Short circuit example
  • 3.4 Matching exercise with symbols and components

4 - Switches

  • 4.1 Switches overview
  • 4.2 Circuit with a switch on
  • 4.3 Circuit with a switch off
  • 4.4 Interactive circuit diagrams with multiple switches that can be enabled or disabled

5 - Changing circuits

  • 5.1 Interactive circuit changing number of batteries / cells
  • 5.2 Interactive circuit changing number of bulbs
  • 5.3 Interactive resistance wire exercise
  • 5.4 Interactive changing circuit with fan and a ball exercise
  • 5.5 Interactive changing circuit with multiple fans and a ball exercise

6 - Insulators and Conductors

  • 6.1 Examples of good conductors such as metals (aluminimum, copper and steel)
  • 6.2 Examples of insulators such as wood, rubber and plastic
  • 6.3 Diagram of a uk mains power plug and its insulators / conductors
  • 6.4 Interactive exercise for insulators and conductors

The Quiz

  • Ten multiple choice questions to test knowledge (graded exercise)

Learning Circuits has the option to print out a worksheet while the user learns. Single users may wish to not fill this in as the material on it is covered by the tutorials and quiz, groups may benefit from the worksheet as they can individual looked over.


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